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Weight Loss Products

historical uses

Cellu-Smooth circulation in cellulite prone areas, structural system support in fatty prone areas, decrease absorption of fats from diet


Garcinia Chi New ephedra-free replacement: Garcinia Combo (100)


Thermo-Chi New ephedra-free replacement: Metabomax EF (90)


AS with Gymnema reduce sugar cravings, depress appetite


SF (Skinny Formula) weight loss, general cleanser


Collatrim (180) collagen source, muscle mass, weight loss


Chickweek help dissolve fats and plaque


Fat Grabbers (120) taken before meals, reduce fat absorbability


Spirulina amino acids, enzymes, energy


TS II thyroid/parathyroid, glandular balance, metabolism


KC-X thyroid/parathyroid, glandular balance, metabolism


Kelp iodine source, glandular balance, metabolism


LBS II lower bowel cleanser, pass the pounds


Metaboslim (90) New ephedra-free replacement: Metabostart EF (90)


Psyllium Hulls bulk for the colon, constipation


Appetite Control homeopathic, in liquid form (1 fl. oz.)



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