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Welcome to the Pet Corner!

What you will find in this section:

Herbs for pets
Simple herbal tinctures from Animals' Apawthecary
Pet Odors and Stains
Pet Testimonials



Relieves gas, bloating, indigestion, sluggishness, obesity, poor circulation



2 fl. oz. Supports respiratory system, also helps people allergic to cats



Vital nutrition, high in trace minerals


Bifidophilus-Flora Force

Replaces friendly bacteria; digestion, anti-fungal


Black Walnut Extract

2 fl. oz. Kills and expels worms, and parasites, fungal infections, fleas



Structural system--helps knit bones back together


Cascara Sagrada

Relieves constipation, improves digestion, flushes toxins


CBG Extract

2 fl. oz. Ear infections until resolved



Soothes kidney/bladder, inflammation, incontinence, painful urination


Distress Remedy

1 fl. oz. Traumas, emotional upsets, calming, before grooming, helps nervous system



Stimulates the immune system to keep your pet healthy (50)



Eye infections, cataracts, glaucoma, improving vision


Garlic Oil

Natural antibiotic, repels fleas (combine with THREE)

$ 9.00

Golden Seal/Parthenium

2 fl. oz. Infections, cysts, tumors, immune system


Hawthorn Berries

2. fl. oz. Feeds the heart, a must with foamy drool.


Herbal CA

Strengthens structural system, helps broken bones knit



Calmer, works on nervous system



Encourages healthy coats, helps maintain sound bones, hair/skin/nail nutrition



Ayurvedic formula: promotes agility, relives joint stiffness and pain


Liquid Chlorophyll

(16 fl. oz.) Vital nutrition, source of phytonutrients, blood builder, internal deodorizer



Ayurvedic formula liver, liver spots, gallstones


Milk Thistle Combo (w/o Iron)

Feeds/rejuvenates liver; the liver performs multiple important functions for the body


Nature Fresh

(16 fl. oz. bottle w/sprayer) Enzymatic formula used as a broad spectrum deodorizer and odor/stain remover. Environmentally safe.

$ 7.25


Kidney stones, urine leakage, urinary tract infections, (combine with MARSHMALLOW)


Pau D'Arco

2 fl. oz. For tumors, polyps, pain, fungus, warts, weakened immune system

$ 9.50

Red Raspberry

Feeds female reproductive system; used in pregnancies and labor pains.


SKL Formula

Structural system, fractures, ligaments, tendons, hair, nails


Slippery Elm

For diarrhea, smooth inflamed mucous membranes, upset stomach,


Tea Tree Oil

.5 fl. oz. Antifungal, added to bath water regularly to kill fleas


Tei Fu Essential Oil

Skin disorders, itching, flaking, hot spots (topical use); anti-fungal



Fleas (with GARLIC OIL), also for a shiny coat, full of trace minerals


Val Extract

2 fl. oz. Calming, used before clipping nails, going to groomer or traveling


VS-C Liquid

(2 fl. oz.) Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, immune stimulant, liver support,



Natural cortisone; anti-inflammatory, arthritis


Yellow Dock

Ear mites, make into a tea and swab in ear


Animals' Apawthecary"

Herbal Combinations for dogs and cats in 1 fl. oz bottles: $10.95 each:

Alfalfa/Yucca Blend/ Historically used as an anti-inflammatory and diuretic; arthritis; rheumatism; sore joints; tonic for liver and kidneys.

Coltsfoot/Wild Cherry Blend/ Historically used for respiratory support; coughs and other throat or respiratory irritations.

Detox/Allergy Blend/ Historically used for allergy support, skin problems, toxicity and liver problems.

Feverfew/Skullcap Blend/ Historically used to alleviate pain and assist in calming a pet.

Goldenseal/Echinacea Blend/ Historically used for infections; supports immune system; tonic.

Senior Blend/ Specially designed for older dogs and cats, historically used to support cardiovascular and digestive system and liver.

Tinkle Tonic/ As the name implies, historically used to support the urinary tract in cats. Anti-inflammatory, soothing, anti-microbial.

Tranquility Blend/ Historically used for calming situations and stress; supports nervous system.

Constitutional Blend/ Pet equivalent of Essiac Tea. Historically used in cancer treatments, detoxification, and liver problems.

Herbal Remedies for Dogs and Cats, A Pocket Guide to Selection and Use by Mary Wulff-Tilford and Gregory L. Tilford. Highly recommended as a guide to the usage of Animals' Apawthecary products. $5.00

Pet Odors and Stains

What to do about pet odors and stains?

Nature's Fresh" From Nature's Sunshine Products. Liquid deodorizer and stain eliminator in a convenient 16 oz. spray bottle.

No harsh chemicals used to remove stains
No artificial fragrances

Does not just mask odors

All natural enzymatic formula safe for all fabrics that are not harmed by water
Environmentally friendly
Derived from vegetable sources and fruit acids
Use on food odors, smoke, urine, feces, vomit, mold/mildew and pet odors
Use on stains from food or juice, blood, urine and other organic substances
Unscented, does not irritate, hypo-allergenic and safe for the environment

Simply spray on intended area or into the air. For stains, spray on desired garment, furniture, carpet, etc.

Now available from Nature's Sunshine Products for $12.95

Pet Testimonials

Pet Testimonials using the products that are listed on this Web Site:

Animals' Apawthecary and Nature's Sunshine Products:

From Mrs. Glenda Donahue, California

"...I bought your Apawthecary Senior (formula). Natie is 10 lb. silky terrier mix-and at 12-14 years, was moving around sluggishly-some coughing and tremors at times. Well, She is acting more like a puppy every day so please send me 1-Animals' Apawthecary Senior and 1 Garlic Oil..."

WARNING!!! Salicylic acid often causes fatal reactions in cats. Do not give cats White Willow Bark, White Oak Bark or any products containing either of these herbs. Do not use Tea Tree Oil on cats.


All information contained in this Web Site is for educational purposes only and not intended to treat or diagnose illness or disease, nor is medical advice implied or intended. For medical advice, seek the care of a health professional. All herbs are presented herein according to historical uses and/or testimonials.

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