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History / Brief Overview

In simple terms, Iridology is the science that correlates the apparitions of the Iris to tissue weakness in the body.  It is a bonafide science, not something intuitively deciphered.  Iridology can indicate tissue inflammation in specific areas of the body and indicate the accompanying degrees of inflammation, whether from the earlier stages of degeneration, up to the more severe stages of degeneration, which may correlate to a person's state of health, inherent weaknesses and effect of the changes that may occur in an individual's state of health. 

Iridology, although not a new science, was discovered in roughly 1853 by a Hungarian doctor who, as a young boy, was playing with an owl one day and actually broke the owl's leg.  He observed that after the fracture, the owl developed a dark stripe or marking in the lower area of the Iris and subsequently discovered that the dark marking correlated to the location and fracture of the leg.  As the owl recovered, the dark marking dissipated and became a black spot, which was surrounded by different type lines and varying shading.  This Hungarian doctor, Ignatz von Peczely eventually went on to study medicine and write his first book on the subject.  Subsequent discoveries and books soon followed. 

Constitutional Iridology also indicates the individual's constitutional strength (whether weak, moderate or strong), inherent weaknesses and may be considered a mirror of a person's organs and tissues to the lifestyle and diet that he has been leading. 

There are literally thousands of nerve fibers that are believed to be correlated to each specific part of the body.  Traditional Iris Charts, which are mapped like a clock, reflect certain areas of the body to certain positions on the chart.  For example, the lungs are at 3:00 in the left Iris and 9:00 in the right Iris.  Since an individual has two lungs, then there are locations for the lungs in both eyes.  Since the liver is situated on the right side of the body, any area that corresponds to the liver in the Iridology Chart would be on the right side...and so on. 

What Iridology Can't Do 

It is important to note here that Iridology DOES NOT DIAGNOSE DISEASE, it merely reveals tissue weaknesses, inflammation or toxicity in organs or tissues.  Iridology does not indicate any symptoms, however if tissue weakness is revealed, it may be seen long before any symptoms arrive.  The main purpose of Iridology is to help us understand our constitutional basic temperament, so that we may understand how to balance nutrition and lifestyle in order to foster a more successful physical, mental and emotional state. 

Most Iridologists, you will find believe that toxicity and nutrient deficiency are, by far, the most common contributors to a body's state of dis-ease, which is why there is such an emphasis on colon health and proper nutrition. 

There are many, many wonderful books on the subject and we encourage you to read more about it.  Dr. Bernard Jensen is a world renowned Iridologist who lived well into his 90's, cured himself of cancer twice and who authored some extremely informative information on Iridology, colon health and much more. 


If you reside in the San Jose/San Francisco Bay area and would like to have an Iridology consultation, we strongly recommend Iris photos be taken, especially for those who have never had a consultation.  A special Iris camera is used and the process takes a couple of minutes.  The photos are developed and the analysis can ensue without the necessity of the individual being present at the consultation.  A thorough Constitutional Iridology Analysis is done, with some information provided for the individual to focus on.  Photos may be used for a comparison basis at succeeding points in the future in order to track one's progress.  At present, Iridology photos and analysis are $125. We also check your pH levels (saliva and urine), discuss juice therapies, diet, nutrition, emotional connection to illness and work up an individualized herbal program all for one price.  We spend up to an hour to hour and a half on the first visit.  Any subsequent follow up visit, or new herbal program is $25.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Photos are developed and given to the client for a permanent record, as the eyes often change as a person is diligent with diet, herbs and internal cleansing.  If you would like to arrange for an Iridology Consultation and Photos, please contact us at (408) 244-7200 or e-mail us at

All information contained in this Web Site is for educational purposes only and not intended to treat or diagnose illness or disease, nor is medical advice implied or intended. For medical advice, seek the care of a health professional. All herbs are presented herein according to historical uses and/or testimonials.

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