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Lisa Ayala has been studying the field of natural health off and on for approximately 9 years. She became interested in the Iridology in 1990 when she went for a mini Iridology reading and got the Iridology "rude awakening" of her life. It was at that particular session that she was educated as to all the substantial signs which were showing up in her own eyes and in a very profound way. The information that was told to her by the Iridologist was severe enough to the point where she knew she had to make significant changes in her life. She was so shocked by what she was told at that session, that she began to make substantial changes in her own life with regard to improving diet, maintaining colon health, etc., and thus began the process of learning informally about natural health, herbs, Iridology and the like.

In 1996, Lisa began her formal studies as an Herbalist. For several years preceding that time, she had again been a regular client of a local Herbalist, but wanted to have the personal knowledge of herbs that she could rely on at any time. Plus, she was spiritually moved and guided to a holistic health career by what she calls her "higher power". She also recognized the value of Iridology in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the body and the tremendous tool and complimentary aid it was to a knowledge of herbs. Aside from basic Iridology training in 1996, Lisa began additional formal studies in Iridology in 1997 and has found Iridology to be invaluable in teaching people how to take better charge of their health.

In addition to formal training in herbs and Iridology, Lisa has studied Muscle Kinesiology Testing (or MRT) with an emphasis in Contact Reflex Analysis, a comprehensive way of testing the body's response to energy, nutrition and deficiencies.

Lisa as also obtained her certificate as a Certified Natural Health Professional during 1998 to 2000. Studies included body work, Iridology, body systems, the psycho-emotional connection to illness, muscle testing and nutrition.

Working with pets has always been an integral part of her business and animals always respond so beautifully to herbs. Lisa has worked with many cats and dogs, particularly when the Vet has told the pet owner there is no other option available. Lisa boasts also working with an Iguana and a horse! House calls are available.

Lisa studies constantly in order to broaden her education and bring the most up-to-date information to her clients. There is new information continuously emerging.

Lisa is also currently enrolled in the Naturopathic Doctor program with an expected completion date of approximately June 2002.

In order to foster the understanding between the mental/emotional and physical, Lisa has also taken the "Master's Path" course in Metaphysics in 1990 in order to develop her own spirituality. An amazing merging of the two fields has become apparent by developing knowledge of holistic health and spirituality: Many believe that physical ailments have a psycho-emotional component to them. As a separate Practice, Lisa is also a Spiritual Intuitive and does Card Reading Consultations on a regular basis. Often time, a holistic health client desires to learn more about the relationship between the psycho-spiritual and physical ailments. Lisa has been able to help bridge that gap by providing the individual further educational material in these areas.


All information contained in this Web Site is for educational purposes only and not intended to treat or diagnose illness or disease, nor is medical advice implied or intended. For medical advice, seek the care of a health professional. All herbs are presented herein according to historical uses and/or testimonials.

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